Graphic power shopping for professionals

rcgroup is a graphic supermarket with every kind of competence for graphic communications solutions – from concept to final product and for all media and platforms. A total of six companies in the rcgroup.
We can serve you as a single, flexible supplier - giving you all the benefits of our multidisciplinary approach and internal collaboration - saving you time, money and expensive mistakes. rcgroup gives you a dedicated contact to control the process and liaise with you to ensure we work in accordance with your brief – right through to final delivery of the finished product. Thanks to a range of online services, we can deliver on time with all data and details safe and secure.
What's more, we make it easy for you to track our progress and to make repeat orders - saving you time, reducing or eliminating error and improving the quality of the final product. And the price? You already know that we are extremely competitive!

Value-adding all-round supplier

Choose us as a value-adding all-round supplier - not least because of the solutions we bring to FMCG markets. With us at your back you have an ally in one of the strongest and best on the market.
Call and tell us what you need - nothing is too big or complicated. We will more than likely be able to supply what you want in a single package.

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